Mitsubishi Tire Center

Need Tires?

Without your wheels, well, you really wouldn't get anywhere at all. Here at Basin Mitsubishi, serving the Midland, Odessa, Andrews, Big Spring and Hobbs areas we're pleased to offer the best selection of tires to help keep your new Mitsubishi or used vehicle moving safely and easily.

There are many ways your tires can wear and become damaged. You may have missed a few rotations, drive more frequently and consistently than other drivers on the road, drive on rougher terrain on a regular basis, drive somewhat aggressively, brake too often, or you may have just encountered a leak or a flat that you need taken care of. Regardless of what your reason for new tires is, you can count on our parts center to provide you with the repair or replacement tire or tires you need to drive safely and confidently from this point on.

We stock all the most reputable and reliable brands in our tire center and we're confident that we've got the tire or set of tires your vehicle requires. If we don't have the specific brand or type of tire you need right away, we can surely order it for you in a timely manner. We know how important tire health is to making for a safe and more peaceful driving experience so we promise to get the tire you need in no time to make sure you're back to your daily routine right away.

You can also rely on our onsite service and repair center to install your new tire or tires properly so that you can hit the road with even more peace of mind knowing an expert handled it. If you need any other service, maintenance or repair work, like say, a front end alignment, we can also take care of that while your vehicle is in for some new tires.

Don't wait to replace any balding, leaking or questionable tires you're driving on. Please give us a call at (877) 262-1714 and we'll make sure we get you the best tires for your buck with a quick, easy installation right away.